We are only a small Kennel just starting up here in Townsville Nth Queensland and the bloodlines are second to none.

With Top quality bloodlines that go back to and also  from  New Zealand, Europe and the UK with many thanks to Arangold (N.Z) & Goldmartini (Sth Australia) for their superb breeding program that allows us to be able to give you the Quality,temperament and confidence that is required in this breed.

Our purpose for breeding is to attain the highest Quality in health Temperament & Type, and we are forever expanding our knowledge with the intent to make this breed better.WE are registered with Dogs Queensland & are members of GRCQ

We do not show our dogs for personal reasons only, however I am sure they would stand up to the best of them in a show ring , Agility & Trials. Our sole purpose is to make this breed better.

Our dogs are our life and blood, living indoors with us as our family with access to the best of everything. Both Our boy and girl have Hip&Elbow score with Eye and heart certificates.                                                   All puppies will be sold on Limited Registration.    

We welcome any Enquiries to help YOU make the right choice.  


Dog breeder accreditation number :   4100130537

We are not a puppy Farm and DO NOT sell to Pet Shops                                                                                  


 Email : bengoldbar@gmail.com

Ed Benson & June Barnsley

Townsville   Qld  4815 


Phone :  07 – 47892844

Mobile : 0415726681  or  0410326601


These are loving forever dogs not weekend play toys 


Beware: Do not buy from puppy farms,or Pet shops

The quality is just not there,and you may end up with a big disappointment on your hands